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The Statistics & Analytics Consultants group is a network of over 9,000 members. Businesses have the ability to work with consulting firms and individual consultants and eliminate costs. There is also a job board where you can post statistics and analytics jobs. Our members offer a variety of courses to ensure that your company can compete on analytics. Courses range from basic applied understanding of statistical concepts and methods involved in carrying out and interpreting research to advanced modeling and programming.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

SACG – Who We Are and What We Do

Statistics & Analytics Consultants, which was started in 2008, is a group that very shortly will be over 10,000 members worldwide. Statistics & Analytics Consultants Group is dedicated to providing statisticians the opportunity to network with others in their field and share ideas and make business contacts.  

Our Goal is to introduce statisticians and analysts to business contacts for consulting opportunities. We also would like statisticians to start discussions to share ideas and best practices and connect with each other. Anyone with a Statistical background is welcome and all statistical disciplines are welcome.  The group comprised of those who are involved in different aspects of many disciplines related to statistics and analytics – including actuaries, academia, corporations, banking, programmers, pharmacy, biostatistics, manufacturing, engineering, etc.  However, the focus is on supporting the consultant and their skills in the industry in which they practice – from statistical, technical, project management, business development, etc.

On LinkedIn, responding to requests from members, we recently started subgroups in different software areas: SPSS, SAS, R-Project, Excel, and Stata.  Heading these subgroups, as moderators are leaders in these particular areas.  Some of the discussion topics we have had in the group have included:

·         “How to detect fraudulent behavior of sale personnel of the Company through statistical analysis of Sales Data”

·         “Checking for Falsification or Duplication of Records”

·         “Removing Multicollinearity”

·         “Is Statistical analysis a part of Data mining or Data mining is the part of Statistical analysis?”

·         “A bank has a test designed to establish the credit rating of a loan applicant. Of the persons, who default (D), 90% fail the test (F). Of the persons, who will repay the bank (ND), 5% fail the test. Furthermore, it is given that 4% of the population is not worthy of credit; i.e., P(D) = .04. Given that someone failed the test, what is the probability that he actually will default?”

Our discussions are rich and varied and the discussions are frequently helpful and sometimes quite vibrant! We invite you to join us on this website, as well as LinkedIn.  To post questions in the forums, to share code and datasets (shortly there will be a place for such) and to submit a guest blog, which can be hyperlinked back to your own website or Twitter account.  To submit a blog send your submission to:  To join our group on LinkedIn, apply at this link: Statistics & Analytics Consultants . 

In addition, because we are interested in what statistics, analytics, and business intelligence tools you are using, to better serve you, please take our survey: SACG Survey

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